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Grant request

Grant request forms must be completed in order to be considered.

The person and/or team must be a member of both Mid-America and USA Rugby to be considered for a grant and be current on all dues. Funding is not intended to promote or fund individual rugby players but can be used for a coach or referee certification or education of an individual. In all cases, the applicant organization/program must present a clear statement of purpose to promote the sport of rugby in the service area of Mid-America GU.

The funds available for grants will vary from year-to-year based on the allotted monies that Mid-America has available for grants. Applicants may request any amount, but the available funds may be distributed to multiple organizations. There is no assurance that the grant application will be funded in the amount requested.

An organization or individual may apply for funds once in each funding cycle.

No funding will be given for:

•Retroactive reimbursement for funds already spent ( meaning after the fact )

•Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age or disability.

In addition to the specifics of each proposal, Mid-America will consider whether:

•The organization/individual has demonstrated the capacity to carry out the project, including necessary staff and financial resources.

•There is an adequate plan to evaluate the impact of the project/use of funds

•Funding has been requested or secured from other sources rather than the Mid-America being the sole funder.

•The organization/individual has a track record of success

Specific / Individual Grant Request Disbursements:

USA Rugby Coaching Level 1 (formerly Level 200) - Cost $ 125.00 / Grant Amount $100.00

USA Rugby Coaching Level 2 (formerly Level 300) - Cost $ 350.00 / Grant Amount $ 325.00

USA Rugby Officiating Level 1 - Cost $ 85.00 / Grant Amount $ 60.00

USA Rugby Officiating Level 2 - Cost $ 150.00 / Grant Amount $ 125.00

Strength and Conditioning - Cost $ 75.00 / Grant Amount $ 50.00

Individual Requests ( i.e. Select Camps, USA Rugby Select sides ) $250 Grant

Each Grant is reviewed individually by the Executive Committee. All Grant requests must be submitted to the Executive Board for approval.

Thanks for submitting!

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